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Regency Style Floral Posy Seasons Tile Minton


Style: Regency/Greek
• Technique: Transfer print border and hand painted design
Maker: Minton Hollins
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Date: 1870 (design registered)


A group of three delicate and refined regency style tiles with posies of flowers apparently (as I am not an expert horticulturalist) representing the four seasons set against a regency green ground and within a greek pattern border. The design registered in 1870, this will be the greek pattern border, registering border designs was quite common at the time.

For winter we have holly and mistletoe, nice for a christmas theme and in so being very rare, for christmas themed tiles are virtually nonexistent. Christmas was barely celebrated in the nineteenth century, Charles Dickens is often credited with having invented the modern Christmas.

Summer is represented by wheat and strawberries, the posy of bright flowers I take to be spring so there will likely be an autumn somewhere. Not for sure though for if a group of three was required the artist could well have selected pictures to copy from a pattern or art reference book or may have used such sources to inspire their own creations.

Versos very clean but some slight stain, embossed Minton, Hollins etc, printed diamond registration mark.


• Condition: Fairly good
• Price: £75 (approx $101)
• Ref: 05262


UK Special Delivery £86

EU Priority £91

US and World Priority £96

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Largish shallow chip lower right which doesn't grab the attention as much as one may expect, otherwise minor losses to the rim, tiny glaze flake to the background, other very minor surface marks.



• Condition: Very good
• Price: £110 (approx $140)
• Ref: 05263


Very tiny chip top right corner, very minor losses to the rim, very tiny paint flakes on the flora, other very minor surface marks.


UK Special Delivery £121

EU Priority £126

US and World Priority £131

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