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Wedgwood Midsummer Night's Dream Transfer Print Tile

Condition: Excellent
Price: £120 (approx $182)
Stock number: 05318

UK Special Delivery £130

EU Priority £134

US and World Priority £138

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Shallow tiny side chip just above bottom left corner, very tiny chip near top left, another top edge, slight roughness to the tip of the rim in places, Characteristic minor manufacturing flaws, perfect surface, no crazing.


Style: Classical literary subject
Technique: Transfer print
Maker: Wedgwood
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: circa 1880


My favourite picture series by Wedgwood, nicely collectable far from common but seen from time to time although usually in blue. I much prefer borwn prints, more realistic and crisper than blue. The designs attributed to Helen Miles who also did the Months of the Year series for Wedgwood, still there's quaite a bit of difference in artistic quality of the tiles, I think the engraver for this series was rather better.

Verso quite clean, unmarked similar to three of the sample tiles in this group. The majority of Wedgwood tiles are not named although less often the picture series.


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