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Pair of Studio Tiles Children and Animals


Style: Studio pastoral
Technique: Hand painted
Maker: Unknown
Dimensions: 6" x 12" per tile
Date: 1880 (circa)


A fine pair of hand painted tiles of children in the countryside with animals the young girl cuddling a pair of cats and the boy in the field with sheep. :Porcelain bodies just slightly thinner than the 3/8 standard tile thickness, the perfect backround for the bright colours. All underglaze colours and brilliant glaze, fine art quality and perfect condition

Versos quite clean, plain, unmarked save for some indistinct pencil script on the boy tile.

Condition: Perfect
Price: £1250 (approx $1957)
Ref: 05458


UK Special Delivery £1280

EU Priority £1290

US and World Priority £1305

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