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Doulton Arts & Crafts Barbotine 3x3 Tiles

• Style: Arts & crafts
• Technique: Barbotine
• Manufacturer: Maw & Co
• Designer/retailer: Doulton & Co
• Dimensions: 3" x 3" per tile
• Date: circa 1890 


A super barbotine design, at first appearing to be stencilled but the variations are a little to much for the tiles to have been made using a stencil conventionally, the design lively and bright and filling the tile. Made from heavy red Jackfield clay, a very durable clay used for floor tiles, wall tiles, teapots and other 'Jackfield' pottery which was glazed black as the dark clay did not readily take to any other decoration. Decorated with white slip, either freehand painted or perhaps cunningly adjusting the position of the stencil for a more arts & crafts feel, and finished with a light olive translucent glaze.

Made for Doulton by Maw, rather unusual insofar as most Doulton stencilled tiles were made for them by Marsden, each carries the Doulton stamp however some very faint.


• Condition: Good.
• Price: £35 (approx $58)
• Stock number: 05472

Some very tiny/minute rim chips, very minor surface marks.


UK Special Delivery £42

EU Priority £45

US and World Priority £48

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