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Floral Transfer Print & Tint Tile

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £70 (approx $111)
• Stock number: 05484

UK Special Delivery £80

EU Priority £85

US and World Priority £90

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Perfect rim, very minor surface marks.


• Style: Floral & fruit
• Technique: Print & tint
• Maker: Sherwin & Cotton
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1890 - 1896


A good botanical pattern of blossoms and fruit on the branch as is often the case blossom and fruit shown at the same time. Printed in dark brown and tinted in four colours on a strong sage green clay body that is a little thicker than usual. The fruit is Medlar which was historically very common although it is now rare, apparently originating around the Caspian Sea it spread perhaps in part due to the Roman Empire as it ripens in winter and has medicinal properties.

Verso very clean, a little rust stain, embossed trade mark and England.


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