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Spectacular Aesthetic Sandwich Encaustic Glazed Tile Craven Dunnill

Condition: Good
Price: £120 (approx. $150)
Stock number: 05507

UK Special Delivery £132

EU Priority £138

US and World Priority £144

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Several tiny chips to the rim barely exceeding the outer buff band, near perfect surface.


Style: Aesthetic
Technique: Glazed 3-D encaustic
Manufacturer: Craven Dunnill & Co.
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1878 (design registered)
Date: 19 May 1981 (made)*


An amazing encaustic tile finely decorated with a charming aesthetic floral design. A rare example from this fabulous company, true tile specialists using a wide range of manufacturing and decorating techniques most all of super quality. A most heavy tile weighing over 2lbs, more than double regular tiles, almost an inch thick with a strong layer of heavy red clay sandwiched between buff, the colours in inlaid clay. Remarkably with a three dimensional finish, quite how they achieved this on an encaustic tile is a mystery to me assuming it to have been commercially viable, the colours recessed in the buff at different levels.

Verso very clean, unusually impressed "Nr Ironbridge" together with design registration mark, also impressed presumably a pattern number and date of manufacture.



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