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Art Nouveau Secessionist Lustre Tile Panel

Condition: Very fine
Price: £725 (approx $939)
Ref: 05680B


UK Special Delivery £162

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US & Worldwide Priority £174

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Very tiny chips bottom corners, bottom tile, very tiny surface mark bottom tile.


Style: Art nouveau secessionist
• Technique: Lustre, two-colour
• Maker: Maw & Co
• Designer: Probably Charles Henry Temple
• Dimensions: 6" x 12"
• Date: circa 1900


A highly stylised art nouveau yet arts & crafts influenced design in the manner of the Vienna Secessionists. Highly stylised floral decoration the outline in a brown stain apparently painted through a stencil and pinted by hand with lustre colours. Alongside the familiar golden lustre there is blue/green lustre, this is incredibly rare, the first time I have seen it any where near this kind of date, de Morgan didn't do green lustres ever.

The manufacture of lustrewares was an unpredictable process relying on a reaction between the atmosphere in the kiln and the painted stain which results in a brilliant metallic sheen that is literally on the very surface.

A difficult process with dramatic results means such tiles were highly prized and highly priced, an interesting comparison of prices can be gained from a Maw & Co price list dating from the 1890s.

  • Plain coloured tiles 4d - 4.5d each
  • Relief tiles 6.5d - 7d each
  • Walter Crane designs 6.5d each
  • Lustre tiles 56d each

The unit of currency in 1890 is pennies, old pennies - 240 to the pound!


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