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Arts & Crafts Painted Tile

• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £150 (approx $212)
• Ref: #05774C

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About a dozen rim chips the majority minute just a few very tiny, one tiny surface chip, other very minor surface marks.


Style: Arts & crafts floral
• Technique: Underglaze painted
Maker: Charles Henry Temple
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1905 (circa)


A lovely tile with this unique decorating style by Charles Henry Temple, a bold design with this subtle technique of tonal blues painted in the arts & crafts manner. Whilst each tile painted in this manner is unique and not simply because they are hand painted but also because they are painted free hand from a pattern in a pattern book rather than used pounced, traced or reflected outlines as used by the so-called 'arts & crafts' mass-producers William de Morgan and Morris & Co. Temple added another element.

Temple's twist making every tile even more unique was (apparently) overdecorating with random splashes and brush strokes some adding stain others removing it perhaps as one may use a overlay in a movie to give it the effect of scratches on a vintage film. Others used techniques to make each piece unique, Maw, Marsden and Sherwin & Cotton to name a few of the superior tile companies. The lauded 'arts & crafts' pottery and tile manufacturers are oft applauded for their experimental wares but often this was more random like chuck it all the wall and see what sticks, if someone bought it great, if no one bought it put it in the bin.

Charles Temple was art director for Maw & Co overseeing much of their great works from the turn of the century and designing some of their greatest pieces, this was certainly made after he left the company and became freelance for it is on a Craven Dunnill blank as some of his designs are found from time to time.

Verso perfectly clean had been embossed Craven Dunnill etc however the Craven Dunnill & Co Limited has been chipped off leaving only Jackfield, Salop.


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