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Pair of Pastoral Landscape Tiles

  • Style: Pastoral landscape
  • Technique: Print & tint
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
  • Date: 1900 (circa)

A pretty and brightly coloured pair of scottish pastoral landscape tiles with a very light printed outline and hand colouring with much freedom. The outline so light that they are oft believed to be free painted which the mountains, trees etc indeed are. Most often found as the centrepiece tiles in cast iron fireplace cheeks in edwardian fireplaces replacing the earlier monochrome (and polychrome with restricted colour range) transfer prints

Versos very clean, no maker's mark, possibly Marsden blanks.


Condition: Fine
Price: £175 (approx $287)
Ref: 05784/5


UK Special Delivery £187

EU Priority £193

US and World Priority £199

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Ref: 05784/5

Minor marks to the rim, mostly side edges which would be hidden by the frame in a cast iron fireplace. Perfect surfaces


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