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Dutch Children Tubeline Tile in the manner of Charlotte Rhead

• Condition: Perfect
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A tubeline dutch scene tile in the manner of Charlotte Rhead. I have seen this design before attributed to Rhead yet I am now somewhat sceptical as to if it is actually by either of the sisters*.

This tile has is an unmarked blank somewhat similar to those of Corn Brothers prior to about 1908 - 1910, for the time being I am inclined to only associate the Rhead's work with Simpson and Boote blanks.

I have no doubt that contemporaries would have sought to imitate the wares of such well known artists so it is almost inevitable that reasonably convincing copies or similar wares were made. It is very difficult or indeed impossible to identify by styles or even techniques, some of the apparent copies are just as finely executed as those with impeccable provenance. Some with impeccable provenance bear typical tubelining faults which one might have thought beneath the sisters however there were very few makers who did not sell second or even third quality product for they represent the same invested cost as a first quality product and any recovered cost even if not producing a profit adds to the bottom line.

I am also sceptical about attributions to Rhead of similar tiles on Marsden blanks (marked M.T. Ltd), whilst the quality of the M.T. tiles is usually exemplary there is a an indication that the glaze technology is indeed Marsden's arther than that used by the Rheads.

I have always been an advocate of letting the wares speak for themselves and stand on their own merits rather than adding some extra kudos based on a perceived link to someone with a famous name. We know a lot of such claims are wrong, Christopher Dresser is one of the most notable, Voysey apparently designed many more tiles than he is recorded as having done. Mintons tiles proliferate proportionately greater than they ever did in part because some well known authorities confuse Campbell Tile Co. products with those of Mintons. And so it goes.

*Both Charlotte, known as Lottie, and her sister Dollie decorated tiles in a similar manner and as far as I am aware it is not possible to distinguish between their works.


Style: Figural
• Technique: Tubeline
Maker: Unknown
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1909 (circa)


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