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Shrigley & Hunt Heraldic Motto Tile

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £480 (approx $734)
• Stock number: 05900

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Very tiny chip bottom right corner otherwise perfect. The earthy green is dulled mostly around the rim, a typical firing effect of the colour which may have been intentional as for sure it was on occasion.


Style: Heraldic
• Technique: Painted
Maker: Shrigley & Hunt
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1880 (impressed stamp)


A superb heraldic tile painted in multicolour and with a particulalry excellent red on a Copeland blank. The motto, "Virtus pretiosior auro", translates to virtue is more precious than gold. It was used by a branch of the Robinson family.

Red was a difficult colour to recreate in permanent decoration, so much so that even one of the acclaimed companies, William de Morgan & Co., failed to produce any reds apart from lustres which serious tile makers had rejected due to the lack of durability of surface decoration. But when de Morgan started selling red lustres tiles succeessfully Maw & Co immediately started making superior red lustre tiles for the technology was well known allbeit somewhat capricious. Shrigley and Hunt were primarily stained glass manufacturers, the rich ruby red found in stained glass is made from gold and they have done exceedingly well to achieve as good a colour in ceramic stain.


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