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Pair of Gordon Forsyth Heraldic Eagle Lustre Tiles

• Condition: Perfect
• Price: £850 (approx $1147)
• Stock number: 05910A/B

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Style: Heraldic
• Technique: Embossed and lustre
Maker: Pilkington
• Designer: Gordon Forsyth
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1910 (circa)


A superb pair of heraldic eagles (or griffins) painted in gold lustre on ruby lustre shield cartouches and surrounded by grape vines the foliage and fruit also painted in lustres, all set against a cobalt blue ground on hand relief moulded biscuit. These tiles designed by Gordon Forsyth for Pilkington's Tile & Pottery Company are well known but rather scarce and rarely found as a pair.

An example of the design in red and gold is found in a contemporary Pilkington catalogue priced at three shillings, these with blue would have been priced a little more. For context at this time a skilled pottery worker earned about ten shillings per week, Jessie Jones a noted decorator of lustrewares at Pilkington's earned seven shillings per week when she started in 1907.

They were bought together and it is nice to see them as a pair as they don't often come along paired but we may consider splitting. A single tile was sold at Bonhams. some years ago. The British Museum has one here and notes: This design is very close to signed work by Gordon Forsyth, see for exmaple, a tall vase with similar heraldic lion, illustrated in A.J. Cross, 'Pilkington's Royal Lancastian Pottery and Tiles', London 1980, p. 35, XXII. Tiles of this design formed part of the fireplace exhibited by Pilkington's at the Franco-British Exhibition in Paris of 1908, see Cross 1980, pp. 36-7, pls. 38A and 39.

Being richly coloured and embossed and lustre decorated the tiles were a challenge to get good images of. We usually scan everything so that there is consitency in the lighting and so customers will appreciate the colours are truly represented especially the rarer colours which we particularly seek out. The images above are photographs near a window with an overcast sky, scanned images are shown below.


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