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Arts & Crafts Patented Embossed Tile

• Condition: Near perfect
• Price: £100 (approx. $128)
• Stock number: 05999

UK Special Delivery £110

EU Priority £115

US and World Priority £118

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No damage to the rim, one very light scratch, insignificant touches of rubbing to the relief.


• Style: Aesthetic floral
• Technique: Embossed patented process
• Maker: Lea & Boulton
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date: 1895 (circa)


A stylised floral design, arts & crafts or aesthetic movement, with flowers and foliage, made by an uncommon patented process. Often incorrectly attributed to Marsden and the process described as being an extension of his patent impressed process which has nothing to do with the slip decoration which many collectors believe it does due to appalling errors in the standard literature.

Few tiles made by the process come to light, this design the most often found. The body is a dense and heavy speckled clay, mid-brown with buff, the coloured relief is impressed in to the body of the tile, the background brown also appears to be applied as dust clay. Quite has this was achieved is not clear but it appears to bear similarities to Maw's 1862 mosaic patent and also a later process used by Maw, Craven Dunnill and the Godwins where relief was created apparently with dust pressed clay.

Versos of tiles made by this process are embossed PATENTED and are the only instance of the word being used on tiles that I am aware of. PATENT is of course found frequently not least on tiles by Marsden, Maw and of course in Minton, Hollins' address.

These materials and processes made for incredibly durable tiles but were limited by the colours that could withstand the higher firing temperature of clay versus the firing temperature for glazes. Coloured glazes could of course be used, in this case lemon yellow, Maws used a turquoise glaze to great effect on their similar effect tiles.

Verso perfectly clean, embossed 'patented'.


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