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Art Nouveau Majolica Tile

• Condition: Perfect
• Price: £320 (approx. $419)
• Stock number: 06004

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Style: Art nouveau
• Technique: Embossed majolica
Maker: Burgess
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1904


A fascinating art nouveau tile with an asymmetric flora design over an impressed red heart. The flora represents seed pods of the honesty plant which is more famous for its seed pods than its flowers. It is also known the money plant or silver dollars and similar phrases in other languages because the pods resemble coins.

An incredibly rare tile for a number of reasons, firstly one just about never sees heart shapes in art nouveau designs despite the shape being art nouveau without really trying. The heart symbol was not widely recognised and did not represent love, it was just a shape like a symmetrical ivy leaf. One does see a few art nouveau tiles purported to have hearts on them but usually they are buds and the tile is upside-down. Those victorian reproduction valentines cards always manage to have red hearts on them, but the hearts aren't there on the originals. Hearts are a rare shape or symbol and almost exclusively date from the twentieth century.

The company was in existence for little more than a year, it registered a single design in February 1904 and less than a year later went in to liquidation. Only three other designs have been seen by myself, presumably the company made a range of at least a couple of dozen and mostly in art nouveau being the style of the times. If the missing designs are as exciting as those seen we have some good things to look forward too.

Verso very clean just slightly grubby. embossed Antesque (Reg) and England.


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