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The Fox & Goose Mintons Fine Painted Tile

Style: Nature study, hunting
Technique: Painted
Maker: Mintons
Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 5 3/4"
Date: 1890 (circa)


An exceptionally well painted tile it would seem that the artist used a single bristle so fine is the detail featuring a fox having caught a goose, that would have been a battle. The unusual dimaneiosn indicate a purpose made tile, surely a one-off, the only one ever made. The biscuit cut from a 12" x 12' dust pressed body which gives a good indication of the likely date.

The Fox & Goose is a traditional name for english inns with over two hundred still in existence as working hostelries.

In the 1870s and 1880s few dust pressed 12' x 6' tiles were made for they warped along the long edge in firing. The first such tiles were apparebtly made by Maw & Co in the late 1870s, Mintons didn't make them until the mid 1890s. Confirming the difficulty Minton, Hollins & Co., the foremost tile maker for much of the nineteenth century, preferred to press 12" x 12" tiles and cut them in half when they required 6" x 12" tiles.

Verso very clean, impressed Mintons etc and badge.


Condition: Excellent
Price: £600 (approx $787)
Ref: 06142

 Small chip near bottom right corner, other very minor rim chips, surface near perfect.


UK by Special Delivery £612

EU by Priority £625

US/World by Priority £640

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