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Mintons Studio Embossed Tile by Marc-Louis Solon

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• Style: Classical figures
• Technique: Hand pressed embossed majolica
• Maker: Marc-Louis Solon (designer)
• Maker: Mintons (factory)
• Dimensions: 16" x 6"
• Date: 1892 (circa)


A very rare and excellent hand moulded embossed tile (or plaque) designed by Louis Marc Emmanuel Solon for Mintons, featuring two maidens in diaphanous robes, a putto and a brazier. Of unusual dimensions and entirely handmade being pressed in to the mould by hand, finished in a wonderfully translucent celadon glaze.

Marc-Louis Emmanuel Solon (1835 - 1913) was one of several luminaries of the continental porcelain industry attracted to Mintons in the late nineteenth century. He was reknowned for his pâte sur pâte decoration and considered the leading exponent of the technique which entailed painting with thin layers of porcelain paste to build relief thereby creating a translucent effect unrivalled by any other process. His pâte sur pâte often featured classical maidens and these tiles are typical of the style of his work if not the technique. This tile, and the matching pair of vertical panels, are the only tiles verified to be designed by his hand, they, and the moulds, may well have also been made by him.

Hand pressed in the studio rather than the earthenware works it is however included in the tile catalogue with the pattern number in the embossed tile sequence rather than the studio numbering sequence. This is to be expected for very few tiles were hand moulded by Mintons or indeed by any other company and so did not naturally fit in to either of the established numbering schemes.

Seen in the reprinted Mintons catalogue, generally described as circa 1885 but for the most part being from 1883 i.e. up to sheet 24. However the two photographic sheets included are rather later dating from 1891 and the related comments in the introduction erroneous the dating discrepancy apparently not known to the writer. In a later catalogue these sheets of embossed tiles are numbers 27 and 28.


Condition: Very fine
Price: £1200 (approx $1556)
Ref: 06181


Two pinpricks, two tiny inclusions in the glaze (manufacturing flaws), very minor glaze losses to the tip of the rim, other exceedingly minor marks. Chips verso are in manufacture, where the glaze spilled over it stuck to the kiln furniture.


UK including shipping by Special Delivery £1225

EU including shipping by Priority Mail £1235

US and World inc. shipping by Priority Mail £1250

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