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Very Rare Charlotte Rhead Tubeline 3x6 Tile

Style: Pastoral
• Technique: Tubeline
Maker: Charlotte Rhead
Dimensions: 3" x 6"
Date: 1910 (circa)

• Condition: Good
• Price: £360 (approx $473)
• Stock number: 06291

Reglued top left corner, slight wear bottom right corner, two minute rim chips, slight rubbing from the original frame.

A very rarely found and super tile from this famous artist featuring a group of lambs skipping and playing in a field, very rare subject matter as most of her work is figural. Finely tubelined and finished in brilliant glazes.

The companion tile sold at the Bearnes, Hampton and Littlewood sale including the Rhead-Cronin collection in February 2014 for in excess of £600 (£480 plus commission). It was framed apparently from new so not possible to determine the condition of the rim.


UK Special Delivery £372

EU Priority £375

US and World Priority £378

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