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William de Morgan Arts & Crafts Tile

• Condition: Fine
• Price: £875 (approx. $1212)
• Stock number: 07050B

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A very clean example with perfect rim and very minor surface marks, Manufacturing is excellent being very neatly painted with minimum spill/bleed and great colour consistency, just some inglaze pinprick bubbles in some places where the darker turquoise and green are at their most intense.


Style: Persian
• Technique: Painted
Maker: William de Morgan
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1889 - 1897


An exceptional William de Morgan tile for design, manufacturing quality and condition. The major tile of a two-tile repeat pattern, as an individual tile in the persian style I believe the best example from the company. Not a common tile and not shown in Greenwood who shows two similar designs nos. 572 and 591 however Catleugh has it image number 169.

The flowerhead is bold occupying near half of the tile and optimally positioned, not the largest flowerhead on a single tile by the company but I like it the most. Painted in four superb blues the lighter turquoise painted in tonal shades. The well balanced foliage and buds surrounding the flowerhead complete a harmonious composition.


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