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Victoriana Medallion Mintons Printed Tile

• Condition: Perfect
• Price: £140 (approx. $185)
• Stock number: 07095

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Style: Victoriana
• Technique: Colour printed
Maker: Mintons
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: 1887 (introduced)


A fabulous quality tile from this famous company. The design near abstract yet with its basis in the forms of natural flora and the suggestion of the flaming sun and a perfect blend of modernity and classicism. Wonderful engraving and printing in four colours creating that opulent blue and gold effect. A wonderfully clear and bright glaze too, a superb tile.

The design quite rarely found, again one wonders why this was not more popular, apart from the price of course, for it exudes quality. Perhaps too far removed from classicism for Mintons' market at the time when its most popular designs were Queen Anne style. This design is so different that to my eye it does not readily fit into any of the design genres especially those of the times.

Verso perfectly clean, embossed Mintons etc.


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