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 Minton 8x8 Painted Bird Studio Tile


Style: Nature study
• Technique: Painted
• Maker: Minton*
Dimensions: 8" x 8"
Date: 1875 (circa)

• Condition: Very fine
• Price: £340 (approx. $482)
• Ref: 07194


A hand painted studio tile of a bird in flight and the most excellent quality all underglaze painted and brilliantly glazed.

Verso very clean, it is the typical Mintons (China Works) diagonal grip with the text both inbetween the rails and on the badge erased. So a Mintons' blank yet the decorator thought the Mintons' branding was not beneficial to the sale of their product. Whether they erased the mark themselves or ordered unmarked from Mintons, or from Campbell who made many of Mintons' tiles, is conjecture, the painter considered its brand superior to that of Mintons and hustifiably so given the result we see before us.

In very fine condition the tile suffering little in its near century and a half of existence, the most clear chip to the rim mid right is a glazed manufacturing flaw, all marks are very minor and insignificant. Though there are a slight losses to the decoration at the edge of the brown upper right and at top right corner this is because the stain adhered to the glaze a little better than it did to the clay, there are very slight cleaning marks near the rim.


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