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Set of Ten Floral Rococo Majolica Tiles


• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £350 (approx $549)
• Stock number: 10069

UK Special Delivery £375

North America £440

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Removed from a fireplace that was little used and with few minor marks. A few small corner chips which if not completely hidden in a fireplace frame will be barely noted (indeed the largest is a glazed over manufacturing flaw) and some slight touches of wear to the high points.


• Style: Floral rococo
• Technique:
Moulded majolica
• Made by:
Corn Bros
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
circa 1898


A fun and interesting set of tiles one of those things we never seem to have available when asked for the criticism we get most often is that our stock is too good. In looking tiles for a period setting at times what may be required are tiles rather less than perfect and these fulfill that ideal whilst maintaining our quality threshold.

The design has a good measure of naivety and is in simple colours which are quite flexible for design colour schemes, the set has quite a range of colours so we have picked out the range in three large closeups and show the group together, rely on the closeups for true colours. The tiles are also a little undersize and distorted in shape ie not quite square, neither sufficient to cause any problems fitting in to an iron fireplace being well within the margin overlapped by the frame. There are also a few minor surface manufacturing flaws and a couple of patches of smoke stain in the crazing.

Versos very clean embossed C*B and England


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