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Set of Ten Floral Print & Tint Tiles


• Condition: Near perfect
• Price for 10: £500 (approx $642)
• Stock number: 10071


Removed from furniture with very few minor marks as is usual with sets of period tiles in such good condition the most obvious faults are manufacturing flaws.



UK Special Delivery £530

North America £590

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• Style: Floral
• Technique:
Print & Tint
• Made by:
T & R Boote
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
circa 1895



This a design seen from time to time and made by (at least) two companies but almost invariably found as a transfer print indeed I can't recall seeing a coloured example before. Brown prints not always considered the best especially for collectors but very flexible in application reflecting the earth and wood. This a particularly pleasing warm brown and the painted colours whilst somewhat restrained for the times being almost pastel create an overall effect is most pleasing

Versos a little grubby with Boote's typical ring grip pattern, printed H.P. and painted pattern number. H.P. not identified the only known likely candidate being Hardy & Padmore ironfounders from Worcester.


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