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Set of Ten Roses Transfer Print & Tint Tiles


• Condition: Very good
• Price: £225 (approx $294)
• Stock number: 10099

UK Special Delivery £255

EU Priority £280

World Priority £315

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One large corner chip will be minimised when the tile is fitted bottom left of the fireplace and what remains exposed of the chip filled in with black lead grate polish. Most all other damage hidden, one or two minimal flaws may still be exposed but lost in the overall setting.


• Style: Aesthetic Movement floral
• Technique:
Print & tint
• Maker: Elijah Birch
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
1895 (circa)


A pleasing and bright aesthetic movement design featuring roses in borders in most accessible colours compatible with many interior design schemes. Very clean and bright.

A bargain price for a nice fireplace set, the best five perfect/near perfect would sell for the same price as we are asking for the set of ten.

Versos perfectly clean, printed pattern number.

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