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Pair of Mintons Grecian Tile Panels

• Condition: Fine
• Price: £950 (approx. $1348)
• Stock number: 50030


UK Priority +£30

Europe Priority +£60

US & World Priority +£90

One top tile has a little wear/chipping to top right corner, the left head top left corner is a glazed over manufacturing flaw, the brown spot is a glaze miss with the stain burnt not being protected by glaze, the right head has a surface chip and other minor marks top right corner, there are occasional lesser marks to the panels but overall fine and considering the rarity a great discovery.


• Style: Greek
• Technique: Transfer printed
• Maker: Mintons
• Dimensions: 6" x 30" per panel
• Date: 1873 (circa)


An excellent and rare pair of Grecian style printed panels featuring Greek God profiles at the centres with flowing classical style background printed in luxurious blue and 'gold'. The format of the panels is standard although very uncommon, there are two examples in the Mintons' catalogue with more typical sepia multicolour prints, Shakespeare and Waverley. I have not seen these panels before, they are not in the catalogfue, I don't believe I have even seen a pair of these heads together before.

There is one further totally astonishing fact about these panels, they have never been installed despite very near 150 years of age. 'Never installed' is something quite often seen as sellers misunderstand the lack of adhesive residue and fall to notice the tiny little rust spots and other marks from where nails held them in to a frame usually in furniture. These panels were found in their original showroom display racks made of steel wtih a brass moulding to hold them securely in place.


Similar design layouts in the catalogue.


Versos clean, some embossed Minton or Mintons etc. This mix of names indicates they were made around the time that the company changed its name as used on tiles from Minton to Mintons.

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