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Pair of Convolvolus Fireplace Tile Panels

• Condition: Good
• Price: £550 (approx. $725)
• Stock number: F0022


UK Special Delivery £580

EU Priority £615

US & World Priority £650


Overall excellent condition, most damages in the passing of time completely hidden by the fireplace frame those remaining on view being insignificant.

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• Style: Aesthetic movement
• Technique: Print & tint
• Maker: Charles Timmis (designer)
• Dimensions: 6" x 30" per panel
• Date: 1889 (registered)


An excellent pair of fireplace panels with double tile centre printed in brown and tinted featuring convolvolus. Rare panels made exclusively for Charles Timmis & Co.. Who Charles Timmis & Co. was remains something of a mystery, there is one other single tile design registered to the company but reasearches have come up blank. Likely an ironfoundry or hardware wholesaler given that the design is aimed at the fireplace market. Being resticted to just one distribution company inevitably these are rare.

Super colours, somewhat atypical, pink and grey go well together, both colours were problematic in manufacture.

Versos very clean, some smoke stain, printed registration number.



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