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Pair of Turn of the 19th/20th Century Tile Panels

• Condition: Very good
• Price: £210 (approx $275)
• Stock number: F0025


UK Special Delivery £240

EU Priority £265

US & World Priority £290


Some chips, all should be hidden when fitted, painted tile left panel broken horizintally and well repaired, minor manufacturing flaws.

This type of tile arrangement could well be in the main room of the best house in the road in a road of terraced houses or inm a secondary bedroom of a more substantial house.

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• Style: Victorian fireplace panel
• Technique: Painted and printed
• Maker: Lea & Boulton, Malkin
• Dimensions: 6" x 30" per panel
• Date: 1890 - 1910


Painted landscapes in this style were popular from 1890 to 1910 although still quite rare as the price of the pair was equivalent to a full set of printed and tinted tiles.


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