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Set of Six Floral Print & Tint Tiles

• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £280 (approx $369)
• Stock number: G666-017

UK Special Delivery +£30

EU Priority +£45

US and World Priority +£60

A pretty and bright floral design from around 1900, by Booths with their most durable yet delicate buff clay body. A great range of colours including mauve and blue, no green which is most unusual for floral designs, and white hignlights which illustrate the buff of the body.

Overall excellent condition, couple of rim chips will not be completely hidden when installed but a super set in and great colourway for specific interior design requirements.



  • Top tile image best represents the colours.
  • Click the photo of the set for a much larger photo.
  • The three (if that many) most significant damages are noted in the description, see pictures for more detail.


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