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Group of 36 Medieval Arts & Crafts Doulton Tiles

  • Condition: Excellent
  • Price: £1640 (approx $2324)
  • Stock number: P0015
  • Style: Arts & crafts medieval
  • Technique: Hand painted
  • Manufacturer: Doulton & Co
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 36 tiles
  • Date: circa 1880


A large group of 36 medieval style floral tiles hand painted on coarse oatmeal clay blanks. It is rare to find such a group of tiles that epitomises the arts & crafts movement so well. In medieval style that the early arts & crafts movement's advcoates espoused, designed such that the new upper middle class benefitting from the rewards of the industrial revolution could fashion their homes upon historic medieval houses.

24 are overall very fine condition, some minor marks and manufacturing flaws but given the context of tiles made to look centuries old they are just great. This 24 is quite nicely in pairs. A further twelve tiles which are slightly oversize and have been trimmed mostly along the top edges, these handed similarly and painted by the same hand.

One tile from this group was priced, 2/-, that's far too little for a dozen tiles which is how they were generally sold, at 2/- per tile about three times the price of a good quality factory made transfer print and tint tile.

The buy now price is for the entire group of 36 tiles, we will split in to smaller groups if required.

Click the image below for a much larger photo.

Versos perfectly clean, embossed Doulton & Co., Lambeth.

There was a group of plain oatmeal tiles (click here to view) from the same original location, and a small group of gothic tiles (click here to view).



UK Special Delivery £1710

EU Priority £1820

US and World Priority £1940

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