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Group of Twenty-four Mintons Hearth Tiles


• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £580 (approx $765)
• Stock number: P0035

UK Special Delivery £615

EU Priority £640

World Priority £680

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Overall excellent, two broken and repaired one with a chunk missing, two with nibbled edges for the original installation, surface condition is generally near perfect. All marks insignificant for a period fireplace hearth or pair of fireplaces.


• Style: Greek (arts & crafts, aesthetic)
• Technique:
Block printed
• Maker: Mintons
• Dimensions: 6" x 6"
• Date:
1875 (circa)



A large group of Mintons' half an inch thick 'hearth quality' tiles suitable for other situations indeed it is apparent that these were not originally used in a hearth. The pattern in other colourways appears on sheet 1 of the Mintons catalogue indicating an introduction date of around 1872. Suitable for combining with many similar fireplace tiles, greek, aesthetic, arts & crafts and Christopher Dresser themed interiors.

Sufficient for hearths for 60" mantlelshelves (42" wide) or 66" mantelshelves (48" wide) with arched or complimentary tile fireplaces or suitable for a matching pair of cast iron fireplaces etc.

Versos perfectly clean, embossed Mintons etc..

Click the image below for a supersize picture. The tiles with the most damage are on the bottom row.


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