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Group of 72+ Maw Ruby Lustre 3x3 Patent Texture Tiles

Style: Arts & crafts
• Technique: Patent embossed texture and lustre glaze
• Maker: Maw & Co
Dimensions: 36" x 24" (approx)
Date: 1890 (circa)

• Condition: Excellent
• Price: £2500 (approx $3321)
• Ref: P0036


UK Special Delivery £2550

EU Priority £2600

US and World Priority £2650

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An incredibly rare group of lustres tiles removed from fireplaces cheeks yet nevertheless in excellent condtiion. Three inches by three inches tiles with about two dozen trimmed for borders for the original installation and a few with more than slight damage. Excellent colour, a good red which shows rainbow colours when caught in the light.

Embossed lustre tiles show the effect to the greatest extent catching the light at various angles to capture the lustre. Of the lustre tile manufacturers I have only seen such tiles by Maw & Co, William de Morgan & Co. made some rarely found flat lustre plain tiles but I have never seen embossed lustre tiles by the company other than the lion and lioness tile.

These tiles represent an outstanding interior design opportunity for combining with lustres tiles by Maw & Co, William de Morgan & Co or other makers. Tiles from various makers were often mixed in original installations as designers and architects sought the best solutions for their clients. Combined with tiles such as these or these a most impressive display can be achieved.

All cleaned and ready for installation apart from the cut and trimmed tiles most of which could be installed and cleaned afterwards.

72 perfect/near perfect
17 with small chips
31 trimmed for the original installation

Minor damages can be coloured in with stains (such as Mixol) as should any grout be similarly coloured (tiles were originally close-butted leaving little or no room for grout). Click either image for a much larger image, the tiles with most damage are on the bottom rows.




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