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Panel of Twelve William de Morgan Persian Tiles


• Condition: Very good
• Price: £8,750 (approx. $12,000)
• Stock number: P0065


• Style: Persian
• Technique:
• Maker: William de Morgan
• Dimensions: 24" x 18" (as shown above)
• Date:
1898 (made)



A very rare group of William de Morgan persian design tiles the pattern almost unheard of it not appearing in the literature. Over the past 25 years or so I have been able to find two pairs and a few odd ones in mixed groups but never a decent group, it requires a minimum of six tiles to express the pattern as it should be seen.

Shown above as a panel 24" wide by 18" high the tiles may also be displayed in typical splashback dimensions of 36" x 12" or as a pair of panels 12" x 18".

Originally from a fireplace cheek the tiles show typical marks for such original use and having been in situ for nearly 120 years. Minor chips and flakes (often euphemistically called frits by other vendors), some light smoke stain, cleaning marks, surface marks from bolts in the ironwork etc. They have been removed and cleaned off only, versos near perfectly clean, there is no touching in, no repairs or restoration.

Half of the other fireplace cheek is illustrated on page 66 in 'Arts & Crafts Tiles William de Morgan' by Rob Higgins and Will Farmer.

Versos very clean, DM 98 mark. In the same installation tiles with the Early Fulham rectangle and rosette marks were found indicating the manufacture date of 1898.

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