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Art Nouveau Tube Line Tile Panel

Condition: Very good
Price: £275 (approx $408)
Ref: 03784


UK Special Delivery £287

EU £293

US & Worldwide £299

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Chip near top left corner of top tile, chip top edge of bottom tile, no other marks of any importance, perfectly clean, brilliant colours and glazes.


• Style: Art nouveau
• Technique: Tubeline
• Manufacturer: Henry Richards
• Dimensions: 6" x 12" (two tiles)
• Date: circa 1906



An excellent tube line 2-tile panel with gorgeous colours and glazes, bright and colouful the colours including purple and royal blue the flowerhead with blended colours. Such panels are rarely found, almost invariably fixed to walls and difficult to salvage especially when there is pressure for the refurbishment or demolition works to proceed at full speed.

Art nouveau designs spreading across two tiles vertically are uncommon (6 x 12 single tiles are very rare) there are however a good number of variable height panels designed primarily for dados and fireplace slabs. Often the intervening tiles are repeated and somewhat nonedescript even as simple as a plain stem (see this clipping from an original catalogue (at the bottom of the page)) in which case the top and bottom tiles as a panel can make appealing and elaborate display items for collectors.

These appear to have have been a special order or limited edition, the pattern number is from a range apparently reserved for such tiles for it is rarely seen and only on unusual tiles notably tube line panels and fireplace interiors. Removed from a prestigious property in Rio de Janeiro.

Versos are spotless and typical Richards' diagonal bars from around 1905 - 7, painted pattern number.


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